19 Feb - 11 Mar | Individual session with Anastasia Williams


Private sessions are available during the below times. Once your booking has been confirmed, please email to reserve your timeslot and quote the eShop order number. 

Confirmation is subject to availability. 

19 February - 11 March | 9am - 6:30pm

60 minutes | HK$780
90 minutes | HK$1,170
120 minutes | HK$1,560

Healing Sessions: 

Experience potent body work counteracting modern life's impacts. Bringing a transformational reset. Accessing and nourishing your autonomic nervous system: promotes repair, restoration, and healing across all your systems. Releasing stress, trauma, attachments, and unserving patterns, bringing a transformational reset. Align, transform, and heal: mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically. Discover profound harmony within after every session.

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60 minutes

1-1 Integrative Coaching: 

Work with Anastasia to tap into your strengths, clear the distractions and obstacles, cultivate and sustain courage and steadiness in your authenticity, and live a wholehearted and empowered life. We will dismantle and dissolve the barriers that appear to block your progress and tap into those deep-seated reservoirs of strength and capacity that you possess innately. As we peel back the layers of your inner realm, those neglected facets of your identity that have craved recognition, comprehension, and affection will come forth, orchestrating a symphony of empowerment within. 

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60 minutes / 90 minutes

Private Yoga/ Mediation & Breathwork

Prefer a personalized approach? Go is invaluable and accessible to all. Start your journey with it tailored to your needs.

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60 minutes / 90 minutes


Build a Daily Practice

Work with Anastasia to create a personalized morning or evening practice that you can utilize daily to elevate your wellness on all levels. This will be curated specifically f to your needs and goals. You will receive this practice also emailed to you to be able to follow and maintain as well as all supporting materials.

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60 minutes / 90 minutes


Combo Healing & Integrative Coaching Session

A holistic experience curated to bring you the ultimate reset. Anastasia guides you through a process of uncovering your strengths, dismantling obstacles, and fostering courage, allowing you to live authentically and empowered. As we delve into your inner realm, neglected facets of your identity emerge, creating a symphony of empowerment. Paired with potent bodywork to shift and clear your energetic embodiment of your coaching journey alongside promoting repair and healing across all systems. Further supporting the release of stress, trauma, and unserving patterns, facilitating a profound transformational reset.

120 minutes


Join us with the workshop bundle. Dive in deep and nourish your whole being with this exclusive offering at The Upper House. You will renew the fabric of your whole being and steady a clear foundation to continue into 2024 with grace and inspiration. 

Breathe. Life Changing Breathwork | 22 February | 6pm - 8:30pm

Full Moon Meditation & Ritual | 24 February | 9:30am - 11:30am

Releasing Comparison, Replacing Fear | 29 February | 6pm - 8:30pm

Vision & Intention | 2 March | 1pm - 5pm

New Moon Meditation & Ritual | 10 March | 3pm - 5pm


About Anastasia Williams
Anastasia is an Integrative coach, healer, retreat facilitator and the creator of Resonance Yoga,  teaching and guiding students and clients for 20+ years. From art galleries to yoga studios, she has run classes, programme and events everywhere from New York to Bali, and Hong Kong to Sydney. We are excited to have her here exclusively at The Upper House. 

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