2 Mar | Vision & Intention


Open the potential of 2024 with Expansive Vision, Simplified Intention and Nourishing Clarity.

Who do you want to be? What do you want to experience, create, receive, and call in for 2024?

Join a transformative journey merging strategy, reflection, movement, breathwork, meditation, journaling, vision boarding, and energetic practices. Clear the old, inspire and align with the new, and leave with a grounded readiness for a stunning 2024 in your entire being.

Release. What have you outgrown? Places, spaces, attentions, intentions, tendencies, words: that no longer are a vibrational match to the direction you desire? What no longer is a fit. What doesn't serve your greatness? What is not a vibrational match for the evolving you?
Connect. Taking time to go within and connect to you: physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. With your creative self. With your desires, wants, and longings. With your intuitive nature. Aligning with planning, structure, and what it will take to be a vibrational match.
Intend. What is calling you? Who will you be? What will you decide to align with? What vibrational nature will you return to time and time again to support a clear, courageous and committed journey that matches your desire, longing, and wants for self and life in 2024?

Date: 2 March
Time: 1-5pm
Location: Sky Lounge, Level 49


Join us with the workshop bundle. Dive in deep and nourish your whole being with this exclusive offering at The Upper House. You will renew the fabric of your whole being and steady a clear foundation to continue into 2024 with grace and inspiration. 

Breathe. Life Changing Breathwork | 22 February | 6pm - 8:30pm

Full Moon Meditation & Ritual | 24 February | 9:30am - 11:30am

Releasing Comparison, Replacing Fear | 29 February | 6pm - 8:30pm

Vision & Intention | 2 March | 1pm - 5pm

New Moon Meditation & Ritual | 10 March | 3pm - 5pm


About Anastasia Williams
Anastasia is an Integrative coach, healer, retreat facilitator and the creator of Resonance Yoga,  teaching and guiding students and clients for 20+ years. From art galleries to yoga studios, she has run classes, programme and events everywhere from New York to Bali, and Hong Kong to Sydney. We are excited to have her here exclusively at The Upper House. 

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